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Proposals may be sent for written and oral presentations in the format of






  • Oral presentations: minimum 5.

  • Duration: 8-10 minutes for each presentation.



  • Invitation to Registration and join the Scientific Committee to the coordinator.

  • For each work there must be a different main author registered, except the coordinator who can present a paper. A registered author can only appear once as the main author of a work in the invited symposia.

  • The coordinator of the invited symposium and all the main authors of the work must register before uploading the proposal on the platform. The non-acceptance of the invited symposium proposal implies the return of 100% of the registration fee.

  • The invited symposium coordinator will be issued a certificate of participation in the scientific committee as long as they fulfill their role as coordinator, checking that the rules are met from the proposal to the final presentation.



  • The proposal is sent directly through the My CONGRESS platform

  • MY CONGRESS FORM CONTENT: Symposium title (maximum 15 words); Name; Membership; Mini curriculum vitae of the coordinator  (150-200 words); Photo of the coordinator passport size, JPG and of very good quality; Brief summary of the symposium (200-300 words); For each of the papers that will make up the symposium: Title (maximum 15 words), authors, co-authors (and affiliation), summary (200-300 words, divided into Introduction, Objectives, Method adapted to the type of study, Results and Discussion/Conclusion).

  • Once the proposal is accepted, you will receive the appropriate instructions to record the entire symposium on video and send it.


The time for an oral presentation is 8-10 minutes. Once the abstract is accepted, the oral presentation, recorded on video, must be sent through the platform enabled on the congress website, within the established dates that will be communicated with the acceptance of the work.


Once the abstract is accepted, the poster must be sent in PDF format following the instructions and within the established dates that will be communicated with the acceptance of the work.

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Proposals can be submitted in Spanish, Portuguese and English.

Abstracts (between 200 and 300 words) must include the following sections:

-Introduction, Objectives, Method (adapted to the type of study), Results, and Discussion/Conclusion.


-When they are not strictly research works, the methodology must be specified.

The deadline for submitting abstract: SEPTEMBER 15, 2022. Contribution proposals will be submitted only through your private area, MY CONGRESS, accesible through the main menu.

The final program will be published on the congress platform (MY CONGRESS) on OCTOBER 18, 2022 .

  • Each registered author may present a maximum of two papers. Of these, only one may be presented in an invited symposium, and the author's name cannot appear in more than five papers (including the coordination of a symposium). An unregistered co-author may not appear in more than two papers. A non-registered invited symposium coordinator may not appear in more than two papers, including the coordination of the invited symposium. In the event of non-compliance, your name will be removed from all the works in which it appears and there will be no option for retrification.

  • The main author of each work will have to be registered in the congress prior to sending the proposal (in case of non-acceptance of a work, the author can request a refund of 100% of the registration fee of the registered authors).

  • The presentation can only be carried out by the main author. For each paper, as many digital certificates of presentation as there are registered authors can be downloaded from the platform. Each certificate will contain the names of all the authors. You will have a maximum period of ten days from the end of the event.

  • The same work cannot be uploaded more than once to the platform. In the event that this happens, the system will automatically delete or block all or some of the works. To reestablish deleted or blocked works, an intervention in the platform will be necessary, the cost of which (50 euros) must be paid by the responsible author.

  • Proposals must be original, they cannot be papers already published or presented previously or simultaneously in another congress. In the event that any of these duplicities are detected, the proposal will be blocked and there will be no right of refund of the registration fee of any of the co-authors.

  • The order of the authors must be the same from the time the proposal is submitted until the final presentation. In the event of altering the order of authors, the work may be blocked by the system. To re-establish the order of authors, an intervention in the platform will be necessary, the cost of which (50 euros) must be paid by the responsible author.

  • The number of authors cannot be increased during the process (from the proposal to the final presentation). In the even that this happens, the system will automatically block the work. In order to reestablish it, it will be necessary to standardize the registration of the authors not registered, as long as the scientific committee does not consider the number of authors to be excessive.

  • The presentation certificate of those works that are not exhibited during the congress will not be delivered.

  • Prior to the event, the E-book abstracts, editorial Dykinson indexed in SPI (Ranking: Scholarly Publishers Indicators), Category: Spanish editorials, Position Q1, will be accessible through the MY CONGRESS platform. The abstract book will be made up of the abstracts of the works accepted and presented during the congress.

  • Authors will have the opportunity to publish a chapter related to one of their papers presented during the congress, upon payment of the corresponding fee, in an E-book in the editorial Thomson Reuters indexed in SPI (Ranking: Scholarly Publishers Indicators) Category: Foreign editorials. Position: Q1. All authors of the chapter must be registered and must be the same and in the same order as the authors of the related work.

  • The best papers presented will be selected by a committee of experts for possible publication in the journals detailed in the link “Call for Paper Journals”. All authors of the article must be registered.

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Award for the best posters presented at the


The three best research posters will be awarded for their methodological quality and presentation format.

The Congress Organization announces the Award in the poster category, to which all papers accepted in this category and presented at the Congress will compete.


The Jury that will assess and decide the three awards in the poster category will be made up of the Scientific Committee of the Congress. The award will consist of a distinction on the presentation certificate.