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The best submitted proposals received before
will be published as an article in journals indexed in
Web of Science / SCOPUS

The deadline for sending the full texts of the preselected works is the


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The authors of up to 28 works that pass the revision will be published between

DECEMBER/2022 and MARCH/2023


ICESD2021 Call for Paper Journals EJE@30
ICESD2021 Call for Paper Journals RIE@30
ICESD2021 Call for Paper Journals Bordon
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To request the publication of an article related to one of the papers presented, all authors must be registered in the congress, and be the same and in the same order as the authors of the paper.

Presentations that are part of a symposium that is not complete, closed and sent by the platform will not be considered for possible publication.

VERY IMPORTANT: The same work cannot be submitted both as a book chapter and as an article for one of the collaborating journals. Therefore, authors must choose one of the two publication options. In case of duplicate submissions, neither of the proposals will be considered and the cost of publishing the chapter will not be refunded.

The rules of the congress and the journal must be strictly followed.

 DEADLINE ENDED  JUNE 29, 2022:  Proposals from authors who request publication in article format when submitting their work through the congress platform will be evaluated for possible publication. All authors must be all registered, and be the same and in the same order as the authors of the submitted paper. The article must be related to one of the papers presented.

JULY 15, 2022: The main authors of the abstracts of works that have been selected will be contacted for possible publication in article format. The journal for which they have been selected and the rules for the authors will be provided.

SEPTEMBER 5, 2022: The full texts of the shortlisted papers for publication will have to be sent through the journal application, following the journal's rules to be submitted for evaluation. The works that are accepted will be published in the year 2022 or 2023.